Keston Technologies Services

Regional Economic Development

Keston Technologies has developed a number of regional economic development strategies and undertaken related studies, including:

Development of a Regional Economic Development Strategy for Great Southern (2012)

Working on behalf of the Great Southern Development Commission, Keston Technologies has recently completed a Regional Economic Development Strategy (REDS) for the Great Southern of WA. The Great Southern, in common with regions across Australia, faces a number of key opportunities, challenges and threats over the coming decade that require responses at all levels of Government and the community. To help inform these responses, the REDS aims to help guide strategic investment by Government and the private sector and to improve planning. The REDS is intended to be an overarching strategic document outlining actions to build upon the economic strengths of the region and to respond to the opportunities for, and threats to, the economy. It aims to provide planning direction and inform stakeholder's actions for a 10 year horizon spanning from 2012 to 2022.

Economic development is about harnessing the natural, industry and community resources and opportunities to stimulate sustainable economic activity. Among other issues, the REDS considers:

  • The development of the regional economy.
  • The support of existing business and industry.
  • The facilitation of sustainable and innovative practices.
  • The creation of an environment that is conducive to business and industry development and attraction.
  • The building of partnerships, business networks and alliances.

Feasibility Study and Operational Plan for an Innovation Network in Yorkshire, UK (2010)

Keston Technologies undertook the design, development and initial implementation of an Advanced Materials Solutions Innovation Network in Yorkshire and Humberside. This initiative is a multi-sectoral network designed to stimulate effective knowledge and technology transfer between participants. The Network aims to help regional companies to identify and respond to future business challenges and opportunities. It is doing this through identifying a number of pertinent industry-led topics, via a range of future proofing activities, and facilitating consortia of companies through the subsequent innovation journey in order to deliver increased competitiveness and business growth. The Innovation Network is clearly differentiated from single company focused support initiatives, such as the Innovation Support Service, but coordinates activities in order to ensure smooth and efficient interfaces. Under the design and development contract, Richard developed a Feasibility Study and Operational Plan for the establishment of the Innovation Network, which was successful in securing investment for the initiative.