From providing commercialisation services to nanotechnology centres, to assisting Welsh biotechnology companies to access Australasia markets, to advising public sector agencies on strategy development, Keston Technologies is proving to be a highly effective resource for many organisations.

Below we provide a number of examples of our recent work:

Feasibility studies

  • Gnowangerup Community and Training Centre
  • Establishment of an innovation network in a region of the United Kingdom.
  • Management and co-location of multiple groups for a major sport and recreation site development in a major regional centre.
  • Multi-purpose facility for the co-location of services catering for children 0-5 years.
  • Various community, cultural and sport and recreation facilities.
  • A Malting Plant development in regional Western Australia.

Strategic studies

  • Analysis and scoping study of the Great Southern music sector.
  • Economic diversification strategy for the town of Collie.
  • Analysis into the factors affecting the success of innovation in regional Western Australia.
  • Scoping study in relation to a major international event proposed for Western Australia in 2013/14.
  • Research to assist in development of a regional marketing and public relations strategy for an education and employment development not-for-profit organisation.

Strategic/Business planning

  • Strategic planning for the University of Sydney.
  • Strategic plan for operations of a regional campus of a major Western Australian university.
  • Strategic plan for a West Australian regional development authority.

Business Case Development

  • Muliple business cases for tourism development projects within the Great Southern and South West regions of Western Australia.
  • Redevelopment of regional sheep saleyards in Katanning, Western Australia.
  • Development of various business cases of biotechnology and pharmaceutical plant developments in Europe.
  • Commercialisation planning, project management planning, and corporate plan development for a natural resource management company.
  • Various local government projects involving upgrades to recreational and leisure facilities across Western Australia.
  • Affordable student housing projects.
  • Needs assessment and business case for upgrade to Surf Life Saving Club facilities.
  • Co-location of multiple not-for-profit organisations.

Proposal evaluations

  • Independent evaluator for proposals submitted under various grant schemes in the UK, European Union, Czech Republic, Belgium and Australia.
  • Member of panel for assessing and recommending proposals allocating funding to regional centres of excellence projects in a variety of disciplines including biotechnology, ICT, engineering and materials science.
  • Evaluator for a variety of collaborative innovation projects.

 Project/program monitoring and evaluation

  • Monitoring of micro and nano-technologies capital facility projects in the UK.
  • Monitoring of publicly-funded development projects.
  • Monitoring of multi-partner collaborative projects covering green buildings and materials development for the European Commission.


  • Farm Business Planning Workshops in the Great Southern region of Western Australia, a pilot of Drought Reform Measures Government Initiative (2012/13).
  • Various private and not-for-profit organisation Board strategic planning sessions.

Funding applications

  • Redevelopment of the Katanning Regional Saleyards ($22 million project).
  • Redevelopment of the Katanning Town Hall into a 380-seat regional entertainment centre
  • Various funding applications for local government authority projects throughout Western Australia.

International Business Development

  • In-market partner for Australasia for the Welsh Government.