Great Southern Music - Analysis and Scoping Study

Great Southern Music - Analysis and Scoping Study

Keston Technologies recently completed an analysis of the health of the music sector in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The City of Albany in partnership with the Great Southern Development Commission commissioned the study to assist in understanding the current health of the sector, its cultural and economic impact to the region, key challenges, limitations, opportunities and potential areas for growth and development.

Research shows that the creative sector provides flow-on advantages, social and economic, and can generate employment. This includes providing experiences and products to the tourism sector, attracting and retaining residents and contributing to community vibrancy and liveability.

The Great Southern music sector was analysed through consultation, literature review and analysis. The analysis is broken down into the three categories: commercial, community and education. However, the three sectors are deeply intertwined and feed into each other. A strong music education and community sector feeds into the creation of a vibrant and healthy commercial music scene, just as a healthy commercial music scene feeds back into community and music education.

Great Southern Music Sector