Keston Technologies Services

Assisting Welsh companies to export to Australasia

In-market assistance for the International Trade Opportunities (ITO) Programme of International Business Wales (IBW)

Under a long-term contract with the Welsh Assembly Government, International Business Wales, (IBW), Keston Technologies is providing direct and indirect support to Welsh companies and Welsh sectors seeking to develop tade links in Australasia. These include:

  • Individual Company Briefs for Welsh companies from a number of sectors.
  • Reviews of various sectors in Australia/NZ, including the biotechnology sector, the environmental services sector and the water industry.
  • Assistance with trade missions to Australia/NZ.
  • In-market representation and commercial negotiations.

Feedback from each company supported on the quality of research and assistance provided to them by Keston Technologies has been very positive and has led to the identification of several trade opportunities for Welsh companies.